The Everyday Smart Bra

Personalized Health Made Fashionable

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New Design Launching Soon

New Design Launching Soon

Our customers asked for it: the Everyday Smart Bra will come as a wire-free regular bra this summer. Designed for ultimate comfort and versatility to pair with any wardrobe, the new design guides you to restore balance in style.

Bring Your Mind In-tune with Your Body

Bring Your Mind In-tune with Your Body

The VITALI Smart Bra tracks your breathing, and heart rate variability (HRV), key physiological indicators of the balance between stress and your wellbeing. The biofeedback gives you guidance at the time when an unbalance is first detected, so small actions such as taking a deep breath can effectively take you back on track.

The Smart Bra & GEM

The Smart Bra & GEM

The VITALI Smart Bra with its fabric-based sensors comfortably collects your vitals. Designed for all day wear, your wellness coach moves with you regardless of the activity. The GEM cues to sync your breath with your heart's rhythm, a clinically proven method to improve our natural nervous response to be more resilient.

Work with Your Body's Rhythm, Not Against

Work with Your Body's Rhythm, Not Against

Long-term tracking of your triggers and patterns are stored in cloud available via My VITALI App, which enables personalized mindfulness content delivered to your apple or android devices. Take your wellness to the next level proactively, at the right time, every time.

Personalized Health Made Fashionable

  • Listen to your heart

    The VITALI GEM understands how different body indicators interact by analyzing your Heart Rate Variability, a key physiological metric, to provide suggestions at vital moments of stress and unbalance.

  • Personalize your goals

    The VITALI app tracks your progress towards your own, personal wellness goals. It lets you set how you'd like to receive coaching cues so you are in touch with yourself in a way that works for your lifestyle.

  • Designed to let you shine

    We offer two classic styles in 5 sizes. The bra is tailored to a woman's everyday need regardless of how she lives. medium support, tested and tried on many different bodies to be just right.

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Is the bra washable?

Yes! Once the GEM is removed, pop the bra inside your wash machine. Follow the same instruction as your usual sports and athleisure wear: machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach, do not iron.

What happens if I get the smart bra wet while wearing?

The GEM is water-resistant so go ahead to dance in the rain and play on. Not suitable when submerged under water.

Why not just buy a regular sports bra and a tracker?

Beside being flattering and comfortable, VITALI bra is built with sensors that take direct reading from the heart, with higher accuracy than wrist-based wearables. With the power of posture and breathing tracking and pattern recognition, it knows your triggers and coaches you before the negative impact.

Where can I get one?

April 11th 2017 on Kickstarter. Sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss the super early bird special!

Can I buy extra bras?

Yes! Simply add an extra bra at check out. The GEM works with all VITALI Smart garments, so make sure to stock another for the laundry day.