The Everyday Smart Bra

Wellness in Every Moment

Bring Wellness to Every Moment

Bring Wellness to Every Moment

The VITALI Smart Bra tracks your breathing, posture and heart rate variability (HRV), all key indicators of the balance between stress and your wellbeing. Designed for all day wear, your wellness coach moves with you regardless of the activity.

The Smart Bra & GEM

The Smart Bra & GEM

The VITALI Smart Bra with its fabric-based sensors comfortably collects your vitals. The VITALI GEM is at the core of understanding your body. It recognizes your pattern and gives real-time feedback via gentle taps.

Tap, hey better sit up; Tap, take a deep breathe with me.

Your Personal 360° Wellness Coach

  • Listen to your heart

    The VITALI GEM understands how different body indicators interact by analyzing your Heart Rate Variability, a key physiological metric, to provide suggestions at vital moments of stress and unbalance.

  • Personalize your goals

    The VITALI app tracks your progress towards your own, personal wellness goals. It lets you set how you'd like to receive coaching cues so you are in touch with yourself in a way that works for your lifestyle.

  • Designed to let you shine

    The VITALI Smart Bra design is tailored to a woman's everyday need regardless of how she lives. Our bras come in two staple styles with a beautiful GEM, which will guide you to find your inner gem.

Coming soon to Kickstarter.