Our Story

Designed in Vancouver
for active & mindful living

Why We Made This?

The idea first sprung out of yoga, but rather than focusing on the poses, our mission is to bring the benefit of yoga and make them the foundation of your everyday, healthy habits.

The VITALI Smart Bra and GEM is for everyday women. The one who lives a high-strung lifestyle but also cares about her wellbeing. It is for all the ladies who run meetings or miles and anything in-between.

Founder's Story

Cindy first discovered the benefit of mindful practice from her recovery of a period of depression. "I tried anti-depressants and therapy without much success, but after my first yoga class, I felt better immediately. I stopped getting sick, was in a positive mood and slept better. It has changed my life so much that I became a yoga instructor."

While receiving all the benefits of yoga, systematic breathing and postural alignment, Cindy became more mindful about bringing these to her everyday life, but it's extremely difficult. "That's when I realized I needed a tool." With some engineering skills and some off the shelf sensors, that came the first generation of VITALI: "sensors attached to my own clothing to detects my breathing: a personal project for my own wellbeing."