Our Story

Designed in Vancouver
Your Intuitive Wellness Coach

Why We Made This?

The idea first sprung out of yoga, but rather than focusing on the poses, our mission is to bring the benefit of yoga and make them the foundation of your everyday, healthy habits.

The VITALI Smart Bra and GEM is for everyday women. The one who lives a high-strung lifestyle but also cares about her wellbeing. It is for all the ladies who run meetings or miles and anything in-between.

From Yoga to Neuro-science

Cindy first discovered the benefit of mindful practice from her recovery of stress-related health issues. "My yoga practice helped me to be more productive, aware and overall less reactive, and what really got me thinking is why yoga is so effective in improving my physical and mental health. What I learnt on this journey was the time I spend on my mat paying attention to my breathing and body in the controlled setting is essentially training my nervous system to be more resilient"

This shift in our nervous system is captured by a physiological phenomenon called heart rate variability, the heart’s rhythm as it naturally accelerate and decelerate. It's been well studied, practiced in clinical psychology and linked to our nervous response. Most importantly, our nervous response is trainable through neuro-plasticity. In a world that's only faster, VITALI is your intuitive wellness coach to help you keep up and feel good doing it!"