Welcome to the VITALI Family!

VITALI Wear Smart Bra

We are working hard to put the finishing touches on the VITALI Smart Bra & Gem and tweaking the companion app. With the Kickstarter campaign launching on April 11th, we are excited to welcome you & introduce ourselves and give you an insight look at the journey so far.

The Pursuit of Wellbeing & Mindfulness

Cindy CEO VITALI WearThe idea of VITALI Smart Bra first came while Cindy was finishing her degree in mechanical engineering. Having previously experience the wellness benefit of yoga from her recovery of depression, she made a conscious decision to take her yoga practice off the mat into everyday healthy habits. “Systematic breathing and postural alignment are not only vital for the yoga practice, but also to our everyday wellbeing.” The challenge was that it’s difficult to stay mindful of these signs while she was living a busy life outside the yoga environment.

“So I realized I needed a tool.” With her engineering skill, the first version of VITALI was a personal project to “live well with stress”.


The VITALI Smart Bra & Gem


The VITALI Smart Bra and Gem do not only track your posture and breathing, but also your heart. By keeping an eye on your heart rate variability (also called HRV), it can detect when you are becoming stressed out. Prolonged exposure to such surroundings are known to have negative effects to your personal health. With the technology embedded inside the VITALI Smart Bra and Gem, we are not only able to detect such moments but will also remind you with a gentle tap right as it happens, so that you can be mindful of your personal wellness and retake control of your surroundings to live a balanced life.

The VITALI Companion App

VITALI Companion App

You will be able to track your entire day with the VITALI Companion App, allowing you to see your progress and identify moments in your daily routine that have a negative impact in your well-being. All you will need is a recent Android or iPhone to connect to the VITALI GEM.

We want to hear from you!

We at VITALI want to be part of your journey from the very beginning. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter and like us on Facebook. Feel free to write us your story, and why the VITALI Smart Bra & GEM would be the perfect tool to achieve personal well-being and mindfulness!