We are funded on Kickstarter!

Thank You - We Have Been Funded!

We just reached our 50,000 USD goal on our Kickstarter Campaign and are extremely excited and thankful for all your trust and positive feedback. 
A big thank you to all of you for making this project possible! We want to show our love and appreciation and look forward to making the most of the remaining time on Kickstarter.

Stretch Goals

To celebrate this milestone, we have added several stretch goals to our campaign. Once we reach specific funding goals, we will add some cool extras and features to our project! These include a cool cotton cloth carry bag, the ability to track activities and even include high-quality meditation content and functionality within the companion app.
Kickstarter Stretchgoals


Have Not Picked Your Pledge Yet?

Not to worry, there are still a few early bird specials available. To get yours follow this link to our Kickstarter page or click on the bottom below!