July: Spreading the word & Development Update!

As we are about to enter the most exciting phase in the development of the VITALI Smart Bra & Gem, our Founder Cindy is on the road at various events to convey the benefits and technology behind the Smart Bra & Gem to both industry experts and colleagues but also potential customers. This last month has been extremely exciting for us, with the product advancing rapidly and our showcase at e@UBC followed by a presentation at the Health 2.0 meetup in San Francisco.

VITALI Wear was fortunate to be invited to showcase the product to industry press, fellow founders, mentors and VCs at the e@UBC showcase at the beginning of June. As part of a small selection of start-ups, we were given space to show the current iteration of the product, chat with fellow founders and connect with the community around us. The whole team was present and we received a lot of interesting and valuable feedback that we have poured back into the product development.

We were also present at the Health 2.0 meetup in San Francisco and presented the VITALI Wear Smart Bra to members of the health industry. While in the city, we connected with other brands in the space and were even able to connect with potential partners for future endeavors.

On top of that, our engineering team has been hard at work to get the Smart Bra & Gem ready for production. As you can see in the image above, the fully functional internal of the Gem is done and we are about to produce the very first test batch. 

While we are tweaking the hardware at a faster pace than ever before, this production run will allow for a very select group of friends to try out the very first, internal version for a day or two. Their immediate feedback will get allow us to iron out all the initial issues in the product that may arise.

As your feedback is important too, we have created the VITALI Insider program, for which some of you have signed up. You will be at the forefront of our product, receiving a pre-release version in the coming months. Watch your mailbox for an invite in the future if you have not already gotten one. If you want to become an insider, simply make sure to sign up to our mailing list before July 31st!

We have also opened up pre-orders for the VITALI Smart Bra & Gem for the general public. At 149.90 US Dollars, you may pre-order the kit now so that you will be one of the first to receive it once we launch in February 2018.

We are excited to share more progress with you in the coming weeks so make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram or sign up to our mailing list!